Things To Do Before You List Your Home for Sale

Jeanne Gordon February 19, 2024


Many sellers do not put much thought into getting their houses ready to sell. Yes, they may tidy up a bit but most do not put themselves in a buyer’s shoes when comes to their own home. Why? Because it is just that, “it’s their home.” They have lived in their house for so long they cannot see what might turn a buyer off and what may make a buyer want to live there.

So, let me give you a few tips to help entice a buyer to stay longer in your home with the hopes of making an offer.

  1. Front Yard: This is a buyer’s first impression of what the interior will look like. Usually, a yard that is a mess means can give the impression the interior will look the same. Planting some annual flowers, or adding some fresh mulch or rocks it will make a huge difference. Trim your bushes and trees.
  2. Front Door: A fresh coat of paint on the front door goes a long way in making a statement about the interior. Hang a decorative wreath or a welcome sign. No one wants to see chipped paint and cobwebs.
  3. Foyer: Declutter your front interior entry. Remove shoes or any other clothing items that might be the common family drop-off area.
  4. Organize: Everything! Buyers love to look in cabinets, closets, and just about every and anywhere they can. Yes, it is a slight form of snooping but they love to do it.
  5. Remove all unnecessary items from your kitchen and bathroom counters. Truly less is more in these areas. The less stuff means it will look much larger.
  6. Buy new linens for the bathroom and maybe even for the bedrooms if they need it. Fresh towels and a new shower curtain can update a bathroom very quickly.
  7. Lighting: Most buyers love a home that is light and bright. Make sure all light fixtures are working. And that all the windows have been cleaned inside and out so sunlight can flood a room.
  8. Re-grout- Take a peak at your tub, showers and around sinks in the bathrooms and in the kitchen. If you see any resemblance of the color black, it is time to re-grout.
  9. Space: Remove any furniture that you are not currently using so that each area shows a ton of space. Do you really need that old recliner that leans to one side? I think not.
  10. Paint: Painting is the most affordable way to update your home. If you are living back in the 90’s with dark colored walls you might consider painting a current color that is usually shown in new construction homes.
  11. Pictures: Most will say to get rid of any personal pictures, but I say leave them. Pictures of your family enjoying your home whether it be in the kitchen, the yard, or even the pool can show a buyer how much fun their family can have as well.
  12. Garage or basement: If you have to0 much stuff and most of us do, perhaps start donating, ditching or you might even think of getting a storage unit until you sell your home.

You may think that many of these items are not necessary, but trust me they are. Why do most buyers get excited with a new construction house? Because all the items I have just mentioned have already been done.

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